Why are our real estate investment vehicles optimal for your interests?

Efficient solutions

Vehicles that improve efficiency in the purchase, promotion and development of your real estate investments. The proof is in the results.

Multidisciplinary team expert in complex operations.


Tailored synergies

Because we promote the formation of groups of investors with similar profiles and goals to make investments with similar risk and profitability, carefully analyzed that boost synergies.

Active management

Because we lead management among investors so that proper functioning flows. We hold regular meetings, quarterly reports and other resources that guarantee transparency and participation in relevant decisions.


VIVE is a business line of Investleading, which creates more sustainable and healthy homes with great value for people.

They are projects that create a positive impact for the environment and add significant value to the lives of the inhabitants.

They follow the Lean Construction methodology and integrate the interests of all stakeholders.

«The uniqueness and sustainable, innovative and human approach are the keys to the success of these trend-setting projects.


Vive Ginkgo

Can you imagine living surrounded by nature in a charming town just a few minutes away from Valencia?

At Vive Ginkgo, you have more efficient and sustainable homes for you to enjoy
of well-being and the tranquility of an ecological home . Inspired by the Ginkgo tree, we symbolize a life in harmony with nature and balance with your well-being.

Promotion of 44 homes, with common areas (swimming pool, co-working and gym). Vive Ginkgo will be managed by VIVE LIVING.

Vive Godella

It is a project that aimed to create sustainable, innovative and comfortable homes from the perspective of the inhabitant.

These are certified houses that offer high thermal and acoustic comfort thanks to their bioclimatic design and the basic principles adopted for their construction.

In this type of housing, energy consumption is reduced between 70% and 90% in air conditioning, according to the Spanish Consortium of Passive Houses. First complete Passivhaus residential building (including its common areas) with a continuous envelope in the Valencian Community. It was co-designed first by the demand of the area and later by its inhabitants.

It has an excellent location in the center of Godella.

Synthesize the quality of life that your investment can provide in Investleading projects.

Initiative recognized as a Reference Green Project in the Valencian Community, by the BBVA. Sold in its entirety.


If you want your real estate investment to have a positive impact on people and the environment, let's talk.

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