We design and execute management, investment and divestment strategies. We focus on making ethical and professional real estate investment accessible to the Investor/Family Office with an ESG perspective. >, with attractive expected returns.

Co-investment vehicle

You can participate in our vehicles, co-investing with us. This has a great advantage: our interests are aligned and you make the investment with the help of experts in the sector. . Which improves your chances of success.

Methodology | How do we do it

Asset Analysis

We study the different possibilities and best alternatives for its development and divestment, with the aim of maximizing its value. We identify opportunities with adequate profitability/risk, analyze, define and plan the investment (equity) and its financing with the best conditions.

Comprehensive design and development of the project

We develop projects adapted to the well-being of people using processes to minimize risk (Co-creation, Lean Construction, ESG risk management, etc.)

Project management

We use two formulas to maximize value: 

  • Direct management
  • Management through specialized operators.


Based on the defined strategy, we proceed to divest the project, optimizing ESG profitability that adds value to the entire life cycle of the building.

“The balance between value and risk is the key to our strength and your opportunity.”

"Umbrellas" that protect your investment

Vision and focus on people

Your investment is made in projects that we design taking into account the needs of users. We thus maximize your divestment potential and minimize market risk.

Sustainability and efficiency

We take into account the entire life cycle of the project, so that your investment benefits from a comprehensive business model and the savings that are also generated during the period of operation of the property.

Highly experienced team

Your investment is managed by an expert team with solid know-how forged in leading organizations in the sector. Professionals with a vision, conviction and commitment that allow you to be at the forefront.

Objectives and projection 

The goal is to develop 10 to 15 projects in the next 4 years. This gives a great projection to your investment opportunities.


If you want your real estate investment to have a positive impact on people and the environment, let's talk.

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