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Real Estate


and Consulting

We have a specialized team in real estate management and major investment and divestment operations, covering all areas to meet our client’s needs.

Overall Project Management

We offer a complete range of services for an overall project management. Our differentiation takes root in the personalized approach of the given services and a common coordination that ensures the quality of the work.


The complexity of the business environment requires business flexibility to adapt to changes and achieve competitive advantages. Our commitment is to develop an action plan with the client, after analysing different alternatives, and to define together action plans from an overall perspective. As well as analysis and planning, our work can involve implementation and monitoring, if required by the client.

Diagnosis of the Current Situation:

  • Analysis of the situation of the company. Market studies.
  • Review of the current organization and resources of the company.
  • Identify opportunities for investment and improvement of the company.

Design of the Action Plan:

  • Internal and external analysis.
  • Definition of the opportunity. SWOT.
  • Formulate the Action Plan.
  • Strategy and policies to be applied.
  • Organizational model.
  • Financial projections.
  • Optimal structure for the operations that maximizes tax efficiency.


  • Advice and support in the execution and implementation.
  • Development of processes, roles and responsibilities.
  • Training in management skills.

Monitoring and Improvement:

  • Monitoring and updating the action plan as required.
  • Balanced Scorecard.
  • Improvement of processes, functions and procedures.
  • Management of change.
  • Interim management.



Good financial management ensures the future of a company, and allows you to grow and take opportunities in your environment. The experience of the Investleading team offers you both advice for improvement, and management solutions in cases where outsourcing of certain services is more efficient.

Financial Consulting:

  • Financial advice.
  • Advising clients on selling the company. Valuation of companies.
  • Insolvency proceedings.
  • Optimization of the balance sheet of the company: financial leverage and working capital requirements.
  • Reduction of costs.
  • Design and implementation of policies, processes and procedures.
  • Management control and reporting. Design of reporting.
  • Financial Balance-Scorecard.
  • Advice in the negotiation with financial institutions: refinancing and funding searches.

Financial Services:

  • Outsourcing of financial management, accounting, bookkeeping and taxes.
  • Periodic performance and management reports.
  • Professional reports for legal purposes.



The complexity of legislation and legal administrative requirements requires a good knowledge of the client company and its potential risks. Our work focuses on the anticipation and avoidance of risks. This ongoing support permits our client to give its full attention to its core business.

Legal aspects of Company Management:

  • Legal support to the secretary of the Board of Directors. Assistance to the client company and its governing bodies.
  • Legal services on restructuring companies.
  • Changes in the bylaws of the company. Shareholders agreements and other procedural protocols.
  • Legal and real estate Due Diligence.
  • Assistance in the processing of agreements and in the procedures for their acceptance or otherwise.
  • Drafting contracts with customers and suppliers.

Construction Law:

  • Overall legal project management. Legal elements of construction and urban development.
  • Legal advice on the whole construction process.
  • Drafting contracts and obtaining agreements.
  • Application of legal regulations in the construction process (environmental, building codes, waste disposal, etc.).
  • Legal support in the selling process. Preparation of standard contracts and modifications.
  • Public deeds for New Buildings and Horizontal Property Division.

Legal Advice and Litigation Procedures:

  • Representation or defence of a client in judicial proceedings, especially in insolvency proceedings.
  • Judicial and extrajudicial claims for bad debts.
  • Reports and assessments before judicial proceedings.
  • Handling of communications sent to the company by the Courts.
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy Law.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.
  • Protection of Personal Data.
  • Plan for Avoidance of Criminal Risk.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Implementation or external audit for all the above.



We offer a comprehensive service for companies that includes complete assistance in tax matters, that covers all kinds of advice on companies.

Tax Services:

  • Coordination and advice in relation to tax obligations.
  • Review of tax returns.
  • Assistance in preparation of Annual Accounts.
  • Tax planning.
  • Review of all taxes associated with property.
  • Tax studies and reports for operations. Optimisation of taxes.
  • Review and drafting of contracts from the tax point of view.
  • Analysis and implementation of corporate restructuring processes: incorporation of companies, mergers, spin-offs and others.
  • Preparation of requests for binding response from the Tax Department in relation to specific matters.
  • Complete assistance in processes of verification of value, including actions with respect to contradictory expert appraisals and related claims.


Project Administration

  • Management and administration of properties and companies from inception to liquidation or sale.
  • Appraisals and insurance contracts.
  • Coordination of payments (owner’s association, urban development fee, property tax (IBI), municipal sales tax, tax credits and exemptions, etc.).
  • Study and implementation of plan of actions to increase the profitability of real estate assets.
  • Management of rentals.
  • Corporate Restructuring Operations.


Technical Services

Possibility of coordination with your technical services provider or with an associated technical services provider.

Sales Services and Coordination

  • Coordination of sales: coordination of the whole sale process between different parties, including real estate brokers, buyers and others.
  • Real Estate brokerage services.

  Investment and Divestment


We offer a different business model. We are a team of professionals specializing complex sales and purchases of businesses and companies. In a project, we can lead and coordinate professionals hired by your company, or we can provide our own experts on financial, legal, tax or other matters according to your needs.

Investment Services:

  • Investment Strategy.
  • Search for and presentation of investment opportunities.
  • Business Plan.
  • Market Studies.
  • Feasibility analysis of projects and property portfolios for investors.
  • Detailed review of property portfolios. Statistical methodology.
  • Optimal structure of an investment that maximizes tax efficiency.
  • Valuations of assets/businesses/companies.
  • Due diligence (commercial, financial, legal, tax and other required areas).
  • Agreements for the establishment of joint-ventures.
  • Operations of corporate restructuring. Debt negotiation.
  • Obtaining bank and equity financing.
  • Incorporation in Spain of foreign companies subsidiaries for investment.
  • Coordination of agreements, negotiation and closing following client’s instructions.



Divestment Services:

  • Divestment strategy.
  • Business exit strategy: insolvency proceedings, search for investors, selling property and other assets, etc.
  • Sale of properties/businesses (national and international).
  • Search for partners and financing to facilitate the sale.
  • Preparation of competitive sale process: design and coordination of all phases of the process with different investors and professionals.
  • Preparation of teaser, sale memorandum and other documents for the sale process.
  • Data room management.
  • Business plan. Market studies.
  • Analysis and review of the feasibility and viability of businesses/projects/portfolios to offer them to investors.
  • Optimal structure of the operation that maximizes fiscal efficiency.
  • Valuations of assets/businesses/companies.
  • Due diligence (commercial, financial, legal, tax and other required areas).
  • Operations of corporate restructuring. Debt negotiation.
  • Obtaining bank and equity financing.
  • Coordination of agreements, negotiation and closing following client’s instructions.

Other Services

Our excellent team of professionals applies our methodology and vision to provide you with professional personalized services according to your needs.

Other Real Estate Services:

  • Hotel/tourism market segment: search for and select a hotel management company, profitability study, hotel valuation and sale.
  • Nursing and retirement homes market segment: search for and select a management company, profitability study and sale.
  • Other special projects: SOCIMIs, and other investment vehicles to suit the investor.

Other Services:

  • Interim management (management, finance, tax and legal areas).
  • Project leader, where general management services are required.
  • Civil, commercial and insolvency Mediation.
  • Professional reports for legal purposes.